Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who Are They?

Who are the existing Independent reps? The list is short and demographically homogeneous but this does not have to be the case nor will it be if our movement is successful. Most of the current representatives caucus with the Democratic Party and reside in the New England area. What is the most important thing they have in common? They have some of the highest voter satisfaction rates of any politicians. They vote as their constituents demand. They are free to have unique ideas without following the party programs. Let's start the introductions:

Joe Lieberman - Connecticut
Bernie Sanders - Vermont
Angus King - Maine

Unfortunately there are no Independent House of Representative members

Lincoln Chafee - Rhode Island

Let me do the math for you. That's 4 out of a possible 585 seats. That is about .68% of our representatives in the federal government. According to several polls conducted by CNN during the election season, approximately 30% of Americans self-identify as Independents. That is a terrible misrepresentation of the voting populace and shows the partisan nature of our political system is directly silencing the voices of Americans. Even if our current political leaders do a good job of standing up for the views of their constituents, they still must support their party's agenda or face backlash.

We need politicians to abandon their endorsements and represent their people, not a party.

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